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Servicing, Maintaining & Cleaning Your Spa The Right Way

Do you own a spa? They can serve as an ideal way to relax and relieve sore muscles, all while never leaving the comfort of your home. That being said, every spa needs maintenance from time to time. This ensures that everything is in good condition. Not sure where to start? Check out some tips below, then give the team at Modern Gas Company a call. We’ll be happy to help!

Test The Water & Clean The Filter

outdoor swim spaFirst of all, you should test your water regularly to ensure the pH levels are where they are supposed to be. Along with this, regularly check and clean the filter. Both of these practices minimize the risk of contamination and keep your water and spa cleaner. This is good for the system and for the health of those using the spa.

You’ll also want to change the water regularly, as this keeps everything running as efficiently as possible. It also helps to prevent damage to your skin, as well. Fresh water also ensures the chemicals in your system are able to do their job effectively, guaranteeing a safer and more enjoyable time in your spa.

Take A Shower Before Entering & Invest In A Cover

Oils, chemicals, and things like lotions and make-up, build up on our skin throughout the day, and these things can throw off the chemical balance in the water, if you don’t shower before entering your spa. Taking a shower before you enter the spa helps your spa run smoothly for the long haul, so you are not left with dirty water and imbalanced pH levels.

Just like a swimming pool, a spa can acquire all kinds of outside debris like leaves, twigs, and more. Investing in a cover will save you a lot of stress and hassle. It is also a good idea to get some type of small net for removing build ups that may enter the spa from time to time.

Work With Our Team

Like we said, our team is happy to help with any maintenance, and we can answer any questions you have along the way. Let our team set you up with the spa of your dreams today. You deserve it!

Need any other gas appliances? We can help with that, too. We are the number one place to turn to for your propane and gas-related needs, and we provide all kinds of great home additions, too! When you are considering a pergola, patio furniture, outdoor fireplaces, grills, and more. Stop by our website for more information. We are eager to work with you soon!

Meet Your Fitness Resolution By Investing In A Swim Spa

Have you made a fitness resolution for this new year? Exercise-related goals are common for many people, but, unfortunately, they are typically they are a hard habits to stick to. We get it! It takes a lot of motivation to go to the gym in the evening when you’ve already spent a long day at work. It’d be a lot easier if you could go from working out to relaxing within just minutes of each other!

Well, now you can with a swim spa from Modern Gas Company. We can install one of these in your home, so you don’t have to trek to a crowded gym after work. They also provide you with everything you need to relax your muscles at the end of a long workout. It’s a perfect option for anyone! Sound like something you would love? Learn more below, then give our team a call today.

Meeting All Of Your Preferences

a person who is enjoying a spaOne of the best parts about owning a swim spa is the ability to adjust the settings to meet your needs. Start off with your stretches, then switch it up based on what you’re going to do that day. You could do jogging, rowing, or swimming, all you have to do is just take your pick and get moving!

You can also adjust the jets to make your workouts more and less challenging. Ready to relax? Get a jet therapy massage to ease your muscles and take the stress out of a hectic day. Swim spas and hot tubs are known for improving circulation, too! Having one in your home is a wonderful investment, and you can rest easier knowing your joints will be feeling better in no time.

Need a place to work out while going through physical therapy or healing from an injury? Swim spas are also perfect for that too. They’ll give you the flexibility necessary for slowly increasing your strength, without putting too much pressure on your muscles. There’s no doubt about it. Swim spas are a smart and worthwhile investment that can fit the exercise needs of anyone.

Easy To Operate

Another great thing about these models is that they have easy-to-use controls, so you’re not left confused and frustrated. Like we said, these swim spas are meant to give you control over your work out, and they also offer the perfect spot to relax at the end of it all. The last thing we want is to trigger even more stress! That’s why we guarantee you’ll have no problems setting things up.

We Are Ready To Help You Out In 2019

Ready to start the new year out right? Let Modern Gas Company help, we have been serving the area since 1954, and we are eager to set you up with everything you need to live a more enjoyable life. Give our team a call today!

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