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How To Plan The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Do you love hosting outdoor parties, but you hate making trips in and out of the home the entire event? Restocking food, prepping snacks, and bringing leftovers inside takes a lot of time and many homeowners end up missing most of the fun with friends and family.Why not invest in an outdoor kitchen? Your home will not only stay cleaner, but you’ll also always be in the middle of the action so you won’t miss a thing! However, there are lots of factors to take into considerations when deciding the right outdoor kitchen for you.

Location, Location, Location

How To Plan The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen - Albany GA - Modern Gas CompanyFirst, you need to find the best spot for the outdoor kitchen. Moving an outdoor kitchen can be a pain as it’s usually fairly large. We’d hate to see you finally get your dream kitchen in, but then you realize the placement is not working out for your needs.

One of the biggest things to consider is where the location of your power and utility lines. You don’t want to interfere with any wires underground or overhead as this could pose serious risks. You’ll also want to consider the weather. Where do you get the most sun? We want you to be as comfortable as possible so pick a spot with natural shade and wind blocks for optimal enjoyment.

Finally, place the kitchen in a spot that won’t inconvenience guests as they walk through your yard. Also, it’s nice to have your outdoor kitchen fairly close to the indoor kitchen to make any necessary trips back and forth easier.

Keep It Practical

One of the best parts about today’s outdoor kitchens is that they come in a wide range of style and design options. There are plenty of options to choose from, and you will certainly be able to find one that fits your style and home. However, there are far more important things to take into consideration than the looks of the outdoor kitchen, you must also consider the function. Consider what materials work better in rainy weather and on extra hot days as well. Overall, you need your kitchen to stand the test of time!

Creating The Perfect Aesthetic

For the most enjoyment of your outdoor kitchen, you need to create the perfect atmosphere for your backyard. The team at Modern Gas Company can help you with that! We carry firepits, pergolas, outdoor furniture, heating and cooling products, and more, so we can help you achieve the perfect mood for your backyard.

Ready to get started on the backyard of your dreams? Talk with our team or call 229-435-61166 to learn all about our outdoor collection!

Gas Appliance Safety Tips

Gas appliances work efficiently, burn cleaner, and are known for being simple and easy to use. Their reliability and low-maintenance features make them desirable to homeowners all throughout our service area and more! We love that we can make the lives of our customers more convenient by installing and servicing gas appliances all throughout Albany, GA, and its surrounding communities.

That being said, as with any new appliance, it’s important to know all the facts about how to properly use and maintain it, so that your home and family stay safer no matter what. If you’re investing in gas appliances for your home, check out some of our advice below.

Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Gas Appliance Safety Tips - Albany GA - Modern Gas CompanyInstalling carbon monoxide detectors is especially important for all homeowners. Even if you invest in regular maintenance and inspections, you never know when a leak may form. Carbon monoxide can affect the health and wellbeing of loved ones in a hurry.

Since carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, it is nearly impossible to detect its presence. Symptoms of carbon monoxide include nausea, vomiting, headaches, confusion, chest pain, dizziness, and symptoms similar to the flu. If you suspect your home may have a leak somewhere or if your carbon monoxide detectors start to go off, leave the home immediately.

Also, be sure to check your detectors on a regular basis to ensure they are working properly and change the batteries from time to time. These are all small steps that could play a big role in keeping your friends and family members safer and in good health year after year. Why take any chances? Invest in carbon monoxide detectors today!

Grill Safer

Gas grills are great for many reasons. They require less cleaning and overall maintenance, and they are known for being very easy to use. We sell models that work efficiently and stand the test of time. Our team will make sure you always have enough propane on hand to grill out all summer long.

Just be sure you’re being as safe as possible when using this equipment. Keep the grill a safe distance away from your home when in use, and be sure to clean it on a regular basis, too. Along with this, you’ll want to check for leaks in the hose now and then to ensure no one is being exposed to poisonous gases. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when putting it to use and, if you have any questions, give our qualified team a call right away. We’re happy to help you out!

Invest In Regular Maintenance

We want your appliances to run better and more efficiently no matter how long you’ve owned them. That is why we professionally service, inspect, and repair the items we sell. We’re here to guarantee you get the most out of every item you buy from us, and we want to help you keep your home as safe as possible. Call us today to learn more about all we can offer you!

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